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Interesante resurso publicado en el wiki de Domino,Knowledge Collection:  Setting up and troubleshooting Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on IBM Lotus Domino, en el que se documentan procedimientos de configuración, conceptos generales, bugs e incidencias habituales en relación a la configuración de SSL en Domino.

Se echa de menos algún documento en relación a la configuración de SSL y su utilización a través de un proxy Apache, pero todo se andará :-)

Using Domino as the Certificate Authority:

Quick guide to setting up SSL using Domino as the Certificate Authority

Quick guide to securing a Domino server with SSL using the CA process

Using a third-party as a Certificate Authority:

How to set up SSL using a third-party Certificate Authority (CA)

How to renew an SSL certificate stamped by a third-party Certificate Authority

What is a Trusted Root?

SSL for secure SMTP sessions:

How to configure Domino for secure SMTP sessions using STARTTLS

Negotiated SSL not working properly for inbound SMTP sessions

Connecting Microsoft IIS to Domino using SSL:

How to set up Microsoft IIS to connect to Domino using SSL

Microsoft IIS Fails to Redirect HTTPS Requests to Domino

Known issues:

Domino administrator client crashes when creating an SSL key ring

Error: "HTTP Server: SSL Handshake Failure..." with Error Code 4165

Error: "SSL Port is enabled but there are no Internet Site Documents allowing SSL for this server"

HTTP Web Server: SSL Connection Required Exception - Access to this Resource Cannot Be Established.."

Error reading keyfile by Domino causes SSL failure


Error: 'SSL Error: Keyring file not found' on Domino when enabling SSL

Web server error: Keyring File access error or Page cannot be displayed

Application fails to connect to Domino over SSL

What does an SSL Alert in debug output mean?

Effect of expired Certificate Authority on SSL connections

Directory Assistance to a remote LDAP server using SSL fails with the error 'LDAP Server ... is NOT available'

Error 'Cannot add certificate to private key...' when trying to import SSL certificate

Error: 'Cannot find certificate issuer among trusted roots' when attempting to merge certificate into a key ring file

HTTP Server: SSL Error: No local certificate

Force SSL only on authentication does not work in DWA redirect database

IBM Redbooks, Redpapers and Articles for Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

IBM Redbooks:

Lotus Security Handbook (See Chapter 6, "Public Key Infrastructures", 6.2.5: "Secure Sockets Layer")

Lotus Notes and Domino R5.0 Security Infrastructure Revealed

The Domino Defense: Security in Lotus Notes 4.5 and the Internet

IBM Redpapers:

Domino Certification Authority and SSL Certificates

IBM Articles:

SSL: it's not just for commerce anymore

Help documentation

SSL security

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