Lotus User Group forums: talking about books with Thomas Duffbert

24 February, 2009 09:09:14 mangelcalvo  miscelanea  |  Comentarios (0)

Lotus User Group is a very interesting resource for the community. They publish interviews, articles, announcements and what's more interesting they, in a weekly basis, host forums chaired by well known experts. This week is Thomas Duffbert's. The topic, books.

The url  to access http://www.LotusUserGroup.org/forums. By the way, it's been broken for months, I even talked to them, and I think it was repaired in a past time ( ...but I don't know really). By being unable to enter the forum you can find out the reason why there are so few questions, although the topic is interesting and the person in charge an expert.

In any case the place it's a bit obsolete, and I'm being moderate in my criticism. If it has to be a main entrance point to the community and show what can be done with Lotus technologies, it should be a state-of-the-art website and not what it's now. In any case, it's just my opinion.

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