From Notes/Domino XPages development forum: Forum testers wanted

26 July, 2011 13:49:17 Miguel Calvo  XPages  |  Comentarios (0)

From the Notes/Domino XPages development forum

On Wednesday, July 27th we will apply a new version of the XPages template to this forum, and would like your help testing out the changes.
If you find problems, please post a response to this forum post indicating what the issue was that you found, which browser or device you are using, and steps to recreate the issue if appropriate.

We would like to conduct this testing starting on Wednesday, July 27th, and ending on Wednesday, August 3rd.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The following changes have been made:
Display all threads of a topic on one page
In browsers, main topics and replies now appear on a single web page. There are no more thread maps. In particular, we want your feedback on the streamlining of the response hierarchy. With this implementation all replies are flat -- there are no nested responses via a web browser. This reply approach is similar to other web forums but different from the Notes client model of handling responses and responses-to-responses.

Ability to add clickable hyperlinks to a post

We have added a standard rich text editor control to allow for insertion of links in topics and replies. While creating or editing posts, look for the link icon on the far right of the editor.
Simple search indicates that a search is complete
The previous design lacked any labeling that your search had been executed.

Answered topics changed to "Resolved Topics"
Based on feedback, we have changed terminology from "Answered/Unanswered" to "Resolved/Unresolved."

With this feature, authors of topics can edit their existing posts to indicate if a question or issue has been resolved. All new topics receive the value Unresolved by default.

Plain text input on mobile devices

While in edit mode creating topics or replies, a plain text editor should appear rather than the default rich text editor. We need your feedback with your mobile device to test if this feature works and if it is a benefit.

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