Captchas for superhumans

26 March, 2013 07:01:00 Miguel Calvo  miscelanea  |  Comentarios (5)

Pista de imagen reCAPTCHA

From recent times, being able to comment in some blogs is not a matter ot knowing what to write or just what to say. It's a matter of super abilities.

First, I have to say I've got normal vision skills. I'm able to read everything a normal person could read, and sometimes I even would consider I can read tiny things.

But regarding ultra tiny and blurry texts, I'm a not capable man. :-(

After writing a small comment and pressing the authentication button, I correctly enter my credentials, but then I get a puzzle to go on.

I know that spam is a real problem, but these cryptic Captchas, for sure, are lowering participation in blogs

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1) Captchas for superhumans
Ben Langhinrichs 26.03.2013 11:38:32

I absolutely agree. The worst part of this is not finding out that the Captcha is unreadable until AFTER writing a long, careful comment. Having been burned by that a few times, I am now less likely to leave a long, careful comment on ANY blog or site for fear of what may happen in the end. It simply increases the chances of short content-free comments.

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2) Captchas for superhumans
Bart Severein 26.03.2013 21:57:13

reCaptcha has another twist: one of the two words is in fact not part of the puzzle but you are helping Google scanning books, you help its OCR. But that is not clear for your user, a user who maybe objects Google scanning (certain) books.

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3) Captchas for superhumans
Steve Castledine 28.03.2013 10:55:41

I don't even see the need for captcha's for blogs, the template you use has managed to block robot spam for years without them and its not rocket science.

I also have an update coming that will block manually entered spam without the need for intrusive technologies like captcha.

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4) Captchas for superhumans
Danisoft 28.03.2013 21:30:20

I agree for dominoblogs or other blogs with this feature. But there are other services that could need it, for example I have recaptcha feature in some login forms and other sites.

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5) Captchas for superhumans
Miguel Angel Calvo 01.04.2013 08:57:48

@Steve, Yes I have this feature enabled and works fine. I have not had any spam since the begining of the Blog. I guess if this had been a pretty crowded blog I would have had problems with manual spam. Looking forward to your blog template updates.

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