Adding a RSS Feed to an XPage

27 February, 2013 20:00:00 Miguel Calvo  XPages  |  Comentarios (1)

Image:Adding a RSS Feed to an XPage

For a project, I needed a RSS Feed to get updates an show them in an XPage. I was about to create my own RSS Feed custom control, but before that I found this RSS Feed Custom Control from Ulrich Krause.

It's a pretty simple and useful open source custom control, based in the Dojo dojox.widget.PortletFeedSettings widget.

Just one thing to take into account. Ta make it fit in a OneUI design, just add the styleClass attribute with the lotusWidget2 value to the Panel control:

                style="width:#{javascript:return compositeData.prop_width}px" styleClass="lotusWidget2">

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1) Adding a RSS Feed to an XPage
Manuel Ruiz 27/02/2013 20:40:39

Thanks Miguel Angel, interesting point.

I've to test it ¡



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